Sunday Brunch

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A few weeks ago we left Charlotte with her grandparents for the weekend, and celebrated our second anniversary. As hard as it was to leave Charlotte behind, it was so nice to have some one-on-one time and also stay out past 7 pm (woot woot!). On the agenda? Dinner and drinks, coffee in bed, Sunday brunch, and massages! Such luxury!

We rarely eat breakfast at home, but I love breakfast foods! So going out to a nice Sunday brunch was extra special!

Every time we spend the night in Spokane, we make sure to stop by Madeleine's Cafe &  Patisserie. They have the best food (the croque madame is my personal favorite), and the ambiance of their cafe is perfect.


After brunch we took a walk around the park downtown, enjoying some fresh morning air before going to our couples massage (which was only slightly less awkward than I imagined it might be haha!). Overall it was a perfect anniversary weekend! 

Paris, Je T'aime: Our Parisian Travel Experience

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Day 1: Green dress, borrowed from my sister! Similar here. Day 2: Red Lace Eliza J Dress, old, similar here and here. Day 3: Floral Midi Dress. Day 4: Navy Lace Dress 

I have always loved Paris. I visited for the first time six years ago, and knew from the moment I stepped off the train that I was going to have a lifelong love of that city.

On this trip, Paris was the last stop on our journey. By the time we got there we had been traveling for almost three weeks straight with a toddler, and we were really exhausted. But all the same, that infectious romance of the city revived me!

An Afternoon of Self Care and Chocolate

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As most of you know last month we got back from a whirlwind three weeks in Scotland and France. It was an amazing trip, but traveling can be pretty exhausting - especially with a toddler!

So that weekend I took some much needed time to myself. I've gotten better about prioritizing self-care in the last few months. When Charlotte was first born I had a really hard time with it, because I felt guilty asking for that time. What ended up happening is I started to feel totally burnt out without even realizing it! Now I try to get just a little bit of time to myself a week, whether it's meeting a friend for dinner, taking a bubble bath or going grocery shopping by myself (oh, the luxury!).

Chateaux & Merlot in Bordeaux, France

After our time in Scotland (which you can read about here, here and here), we made our way over to France. I was really looking forward to our time in Bordeaux, which is basically the Napa Valley of France! We spent four days touring the region, soaking in as much wine and information as possible. I wasn't at all disappointed - it was grapevines as far as the eye can see, and a new winery around every corner!

My Favorite Things: Make Up Edition

Finding my makeup basics has taken me a few years and a lotttt of experimentation. I started wearing makeup in high school, but honestly had no idea what I was doing and figured it out by trial and error. Oh, so much error. There are so many products out there, and it can be so overwhelming! My main take away? If you want a quality look, you need a quality product. Of course we all have varying budgets we can and want to spend on things like makeup. For me personally, quality makeup is an investment!

I definitely don't wear makeup every day - I often like to take a few days a week to focus solely on my skin. When I do wear makeup though, these are my tried and true, go-to products that I swear by!