Christmas Lights and Cocoa

Christmas is such a magical season. I remember that as a kid the entire month of December was full of excitement, festivity and happiness. Everywhere you turned there was Christmas music playing, the smell of freshly baked cookies filling the house, and all the streets and houses were decorated with bright, happy lights. 

One of the most exciting things for me as a new parent is introducing Charlotte to the wonder of Christmas. 

Since I love Christmas lights, we decided to visit a nearby park that has an annual display.

As we drove down, we were even rewarded by a beautiful sunset. 

The lights were even more magical than I imagined! Charlotte was so entranced. I had more fun watching her taking it all in than looking at the lights myself!

Even though it was cold (28 degrees! Yikes!) we really enjoyed wandering the park and soaking it all in. Even Hector was able to join in on the fun! (Pictured as the demon puppy below).

When we got home I made hot cocoa and we enjoyed it in front of the fire, with Christmas music in the background. It was so perfect and magical!

 When I daydreamed about being a parent, it looked like days like this.

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Kirsten Bell

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