A Casual Easter Brunch at Home

easter brunch table

Easter is on the early side this year (April 1), and it's totally throwing me off. I feel like it was just Valentine's Day!

I love setting a nice table, whether it's for a special holiday or to celebrate the rare occasion that I make my family dinner without the crock pot (anyone else? anyone??). We're heading to my parents' for Easter dinner, so this year I decided to do a casual Easter brunch at our house.

easter brunch tablescape

I read an article last year about hosting vs hospitality, and it really struck a chord with me. In the past I've really focused on the perfect menu or an immaculate table, kind of losing sight of the whole purpose - having friends over for a good time. When I put together this table I went for a more casual feel, imagining where my friends and I would be most comfortable drinking a mimosa.

easter brunch tablescape

This white and blue color palette is one of my favorites because it always looks so clean and happy, and so perfect for spring just around the corner. These are my everyday plates, and I love that they're so versatile. You can find similar ones here.

I thought these bunny ear napkin rings were way too cute to pass up (And also on sale right now)! I saw them and actually chose the coordinating chargers based off of them!

Whether you're planning a big Easter dinner or just getting together with a few friends, I hope you have a wonderful holiday as we FINALLY move into spring!! Happy Easter everyone!

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