Charlotte's Nursery

Ok y'all, I am JUST now sharing pictures of Charlotte's nursery. I know, I know, she's 9.5 months old and it's hardly a "reveal" at this point. Oh well, you win some you lose some!

At the beginning of my pregnancy I said that I wanted a neutral nursery, regardless of gender. Well, that all went zooming out the window the minute I found out we were having a girl. Suddenly I was searching for everything pink and floral I could get my hands on!

I loved putting together this special space for Charlotte. I wanted it to be warm, cozy and feminine, but also didn't want it to feel overwhelmingly "pink".

baby girl nursery crib

This crib is from Pottery Barn, and I like how simple it is. The nursery furniture trend right now seems to be dark wood, but I opted for white because I wanted the space to be classic and bright. Unfortunately this crib isn't available anymore, but I also love this option. To be quite honest I love pretty much anything Pottery Barn puts out!

Since we don't have a ton of space, I knew her dresser would need to double as a changing table. I love that this one has the raised edge too, so our little basket of diapering supplies doesn't constantly get pushed off the edge.

baby girl nursery

Can I just say too, that little basket is worth its weight in gold. Especially now that Charlotte's so active and diaper changes are like wrestling an alligator, having all the supplies right at hand is so helpful!

baby girl nursery

By far, my two favorite items in Charlotte's room are the floral "C" and mobile which I got off of Etsy. Along with the curtains, those pieces are what give her room a more feminine vibe. The little flowers on the mobile dance around at the slightest breeze, and Charlotte is mesmerized by it.

baby girl nursery mobilebaby girl nursery decor

When it came to the rocking chair/glider, I had literally no idea what I wanted. I was so intimidated by all the different choices out there. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a chair, but after reading tons of reviews I learned that you get what you pay for in rocking chairs. I have to say that this chair is worth every penny. It's incredibly comfortable and sturdy, and I love that it has a footstool.

baby girl nursery chair
The last project was her closet. I wanted as much storage as possible, but also wanted everything to be accessible. The shelf I'd seen used in so many different ways, and I like that I could personalize it a little bit with the storage bins. You can find storage bins like the ones I have from really anywhere. I really like this and this design for a more natural color palette.

There you have it! Questions or comments? Let me know below!

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