Lochs, Monsters and Standing Stones: Inverness, Scotland

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By far one of our favorite days in Scotland was our day out on Loch Ness with Loch Ness by Jacobite cruises. They offer a ton of different cruise options, but we opted for the Rebellion because I wanted to see Urquart Castle!

We had the most amazing time seeing the highlands from the water - what an incredible view and experience that is! I also loved learning all about the surrounding area, as well as the loch itself. Did you know that at its deepest point, Loch Ness is 755 feet deep? That's insane!

Charlotte loved being on the boat, and feeling the wind blow through her hair! I'm actually not being poetic, she literally loved feeling the wind in her hair haha! Probably because she's only just now gaining some length to it, and it was a completely new feeling for her!  

Our guide introduced us to highland hot chocolate, which is hot chocolate with a shot of scotch in it. He explained that for some reason after 4-5 hot chocolates, visitors start seeing Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. How curious! I stuck to one (it was 10 in the morning, people), and the only Nessie I saw was the adorable little stuffed one Charlotte has!

Our cruise took us up to Urquart Castle from the water. I've never had the experience of approaching a castle from the water before, and it was such a cool way to see it! We had the most amazing weather, I seriously couldn't believe our luck. Look at that sky!

The castle itself was blown up by the English hundreds of years ago in an attempt to keep the Scots from being able to use it to their advantage again. But there's still enough of it to be able to imagine what an incredible castle it must have been.

I was completely captivated by the views of Loch Ness from the castle ramparts.

Does it count as a family photo if the only part of your baby showing is her leg? She fell asleep while we toured the castle, and I wasn't about to wake her up for a photo haha!

When Charlotte did decide to wake up, we were departing for our trip back down the loch. She was in such a happy mood, and kept shrieking with delight and clapping her hands. It was the cutest thing! She loved being on the water, and I think it was her favorite day we had in Scotland. 

When we disembarked, we were greeted by some Highland Cows eating their lunch. You guys I have no idea why these cows are so much cuter than your average cow, but they just are. Maybe the hair makes them seem more cuddly? But their big horns should counter that...I don't know, they're just cute!

After our adventure on Loch Ness, we decided to test our bravery (and fate), and go visit the local standing stones, known as the Clava Cairns. If you're an Outlander fan, you'll understand my excitement! And if you're not an Outlander fan, go watch it and you'll become one!

Upon arrival, Jordan was careful to ask if I heard any buzzing. That was a negative, so we ventured in for a closer look.

I find it completely mind boggling that these stones and burial cairns date back to the Bronze Age. That's 4,000 years ago! Excuse me while I try to process that. 

Charlotte was happy to play in history, finding leaves and picking flowers.

Thank you Loch Ness by Jacobite for sponsoring this post and inviting us on our Loch Ness adventure!
Kirsten Bell

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