Planes, Trains and...Tea! Out and About in York, England.

I can't believe it was already a month ago that we started our vacation to the UK and France! We began our trip in York, England. I had never been before, and it was fun to explore a new part of Britain! 

Our first day there, we explored the city while overcoming jet lag. I'm pretty sure Charlotte slept most of our time there - during the day at least haha! 

One of my favorite memories in York was watching Charlotte chase the pigeons around York Minster. She was just so happy to stretch her legs! The pigeons probably don't remember the experience as fondly, but it was fun for the rest of us!  

The next day we visited the National Railway Museum, which was really fascinating! They had trains from various different eras, and we were able to explore a steam engine control room which was really interesting. I would not have wanted that job, that's for sure! Of course my favorite area was the royal coaches (big surprise!), and they had Queen Victoria's railway coach on display (pictured below). 

After visiting the Railway Museum, we walked along the river to Betty's Cafe Tea Rooms. One of my favorite things about Britain is their love of tea, and I was so excited to have a high tea experience with Jordan and Charlotte! 

Since Charlotte was having serious jet lag and wasn't in the best of moods, we actually asked to be seated in the tea room foyer so we could be alone haha! The staff was super accommodating and understanding, and it ended up being perfect. Charlotte got to play since we had more space, and everyone got to enjoy their tea! 

I would definitely recommend Betty's to anyone visiting York. The ambiance in the tea rooms is so happy and special - you can tell that most everyone is there celebrating something. We enjoyed all of the tea and food, but as you can see Charlotte was especially partial to the scones! 

York ended up being a perfect spot for us to get settled after our transatlantic trip, and acclimate to our new time zone. We felt so much more rested and ready for Scotland! But more on our trip North later :) P.S. subscribe here so you don't miss the next post!
Kirsten Bell

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