An Afternoon of Self Care and Chocolate

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As most of you know last month we got back from a whirlwind three weeks in Scotland and France. It was an amazing trip, but traveling can be pretty exhausting - especially with a toddler!

So that weekend I took some much needed time to myself. I've gotten better about prioritizing self-care in the last few months. When Charlotte was first born I had a really hard time with it, because I felt guilty asking for that time. What ended up happening is I started to feel totally burnt out without even realizing it! Now I try to get just a little bit of time to myself a week, whether it's meeting a friend for dinner, taking a bubble bath or going grocery shopping by myself (oh, the luxury!).

I usually try to make the experience extra special somehow, even just in little ways. This time I chose to get back into my coziest pajamas (it was in the afternoon haha!), make myself a nice cup of tea, crack open my old friend Jane Austen, and enjoy some of my very favorite truffles from Fran's Chocolates.

It's no secret that I love chocolate (the darker the better!). We usually buy Fran's Chocolates for special occasions like Christmas or a birthday, so unwrapping this box of truffles on an ordinary afternoon was really exciting! Of course I didn't eat the entire box in one sitting, but being able to enjoy a few pieces all on my own was totally indulgent and exactly what I needed.

It's really amazing how even an hour of dedicated "me time" can make the world of difference.

Thank you to Fran's Chocolates for sponsoring this post.
Kirsten Bell

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