My Favorite Things: Stationary

If you follow along with me on Instagram, you probably saw my post a few weeks back about my love of planners and really, all things paper. I admit it's a fairly niche obsession, but even my friends who previously didn't understand my paper-lust have started to come to the dark side!

So whether you're already a certified paper nerd like myself, or a soon-to-be new convert, I've outlined below my very favorite, tried and true stationary products.

Personalized Stationary

First on the list is personalized stationary! I love sending hand-written notes, and what I love about these is that you can use them to write thank you notes, an invitation to an intimate dinner party, or just a quick note to your friend (which I love to get, because it's so much more fun than the everyday junk/bills mixture! Ugh, adulting.). When I'm looking for quality paper products, I always go to Paper Source first. I actually used them or our wedding invitations, because I trusted them to make sure everything was perfect!

A Good Pen

All pens are not created equal - anyone who's had one smear across the top of their perfectly worded thank you note can attest to that. My grandma gave me this exact Cross pen 15 years ago, and it's still in perfect shape. I use it to write all of my special notes, because it writes smoothly and consistently. I know it might be bizarre to think of a pen as a small investment, but this one really is worth it!

Greeting Cards

I loooove nice greeting cards! They're so fun to send and receive! I especially love really high quality ones that should really be considered pieces of art because they're so pretty! When I need a nice card, I always go with Papyrus. I love their attention to detail. The cards themselves are beautiful, but they always have adorable matching envelope liners too! Since they're on the pricier end, I like to save these cards for special occasions.


Choosing the right planner is a very personal decision since everyone's organizational style and preferences vary widely. I have always had good luck finding great planners at Paper Source, especially since they have such a wide selection! I recently picked up my planner for 2019, and I'm probably a little bit too excited about it haha!

Congratulations to Autumn Krause, you won this month's prize, which is a Paper Source gift card to jump start your paperie obsession :) Please email me at within 24 hours to claim your prize!

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