The Biggest Secret To Wearing Dresses All Year Long

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We're over halfway through October now, and there's no doubt that we're full into fall, and full into cooler temps! Often the change of season inspires people to switch out their dresses for sweaters and pants, but you certainly don't have to! So don't hang up our dresses quite yet - today I'm sharing how I wear my dresses through all four seasons.

The biggest secret to wearing dresses year-round without freezing, is tights! If you've never tried this trick before, you might be rolling your eyes. But not only do tights allow you dress up your outfit with new colors and textures (like these fun burgundy ones!), they also provide an astonishing layer of warmth!

There are of course about a million different pairs of tights out there, all of which vary in thickness and therefore warmth. I love these tights for fall, because they're thin enough to wear under practically any dress, but thick enough to keep my legs toasty warm! The Goldilocks of tights!

If you're ready to hold on to your dresses and style them up for fall, I've rounded up some of my favorites below! 

These classic black tights are designed specifically for cold weather, and keeping warmth in! 

How beautiful are these lace tights? I love how feminine they are! They probably wouldn't keep you warm in sub-zero temps, but I might be willing to risk it for Christmas Eve!

The total winter tight winner? These fleece lined tights! They're sure to keep you super warm and cozy all winter long!

Kirsten Bell

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