10 Ways To Spread Kindness This Holiday Season

We're about to move into the holiday season, are you ready? When I realize Christmas is six weeks away, I'll be honest, my heart goes into a bit of a panic! But this year, I'm switching gears a little bit and really focusing on gift giving in a different light. When I think about what the holiday season is about, regardless of which specific holiday everyone celebrates, it's really about spreading love and joy. So today I'm sharing 10 ways that we can all spread the gift of kindness and happiness.

1. Pay It Forward In The Drive Through Line

You never know who around you might be having a hard time, and sometimes the smallest of gestures can make a huge difference! Maybe the mom behind you in the coffee line is desperately tired, but feels guilty spending money on that tall latte. You just really never know!

2. Write A Thank You Letter

This week I wrote a note to Butte County Fire, thanking them for their work battling the fires down in California. I wish I could write one to every single firefighter, but that's obviously not realistic. You could also write a thank you letter to your local postal worker, a teacher, pastor - really anyone who you appreciate and want to lift up a little bit!

If you're interested in writing a letter to Butte County Fire, their address is below:

176 Nelson Avenue
Oroville CA, 95965

3. Genuinely Compliment A Stranger

The key to this one is to be genuine. Don't compliment someone if you actually don't actually mean it! The other day I told my cashier at the grocery store that I really liked her nails, because I really did. You guys, her face lit up so fast! It's the little things. 

4. Bring Flowers To A Nursing Home or Hospital

I realize this one is a bit higher cost, but it could just be a $10 bouquet from Trader Joes or Safeway! When you deliver the flowers, you can ask the staff to give them to someone who hasn't received any flowers, or to be enjoyed in a common area. 

5. Deliver Homemade Baked Goodies To A Neighbor (Or Neighbors!)

This one is top of my list! I've been meaning to introduce myself to some new neighbors across the street for...two years. Oh my gosh. But this holiday season I'm going to do it! My mom used to bake goodies for new neighbors when I was growing up, and I think it's a really nice way to say that you're there if they ever need a cup of sugar (proverbial or literal haha!).

6. Tell Someone's Boss They're Doing A Good Job

So same as #3, make sure this is genuine. But how often do you have a really good experience with someone, be it the woman at the post office or a co-worker, and then move on with your day. Taking an extra two minutes to tell their boss that you really appreciate their work on whatever project will not only make them feel great, but it will probably also encourage them to keep up the good work!

7. Be The One To Shift A Negative Conversation

Sometimes this one can be really challenging and awkward. If you don't feel comfortable being the one to move a negative conversation, maybe just take it as a challenge to not participate. There's enough negativity floating around this world, no need to create more!

8. Volunteer At A Food Bank

There are so many people who need a little help, and I know that food banks and/or soup kitchens are always short-handed around the holidays. If you're really strapped for time, what about picking up a few extra nonperishable items on your next trip to the store, and dropping them off? I can't imagine how thankful I would be if I was having a hard time making ends meet.

9. Call Or Text A Friend To Let Them Know You're Thinking Of Them

One of my friends from college randomly texted me last week, and it was such a fun surprise! It literally put a smile on my face for the rest of the evening, because I hadn't talked with her in a really long time. It just felt nice to know that I was on her mind! How crazy simple is that? In fact, why don't you do it right now?

10. Give A Friend A Random Gift

So this is pretty similar in concept to #9, because the whole point is letting someone know that you're thinking about them, and that you care. When I get an unexpected gift, it tells me that they were thinking of me even if they didn't feel like they had to, and it honestly means that much more!

I hope this list has inspired you! Writing it sure has inspired me! You can forward this article to friends by using the share buttons below - how amazing would it be if everyone participated? Have a great last few weeks of 2018 everyone!

Kirsten Bell

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