5 Cold Weather Skincare Mistakes To Avoid

It's November, and cold-weather months are just around the corner! If you're from a part of the world that experiences freezing cold temperatures, you know that the change in climate can wreck havoc on otherwise happy skin. Today I'm sharing the biggest skincare mistakes to avoid this winter, and hope it helps prepare you and your skin for the frigid temps ahead!

Mistake Number 1: Skipping Your Humidifier

The biggest complaint people have about their skin in the colder months is dry, itchy and sometimes even cracking skin, which is caused from the lack of moisture in the air. Adding a humidifier to your winter routine is a great way to combat the dryness. You can even just keep it running in your bedroom at night - that's enough to make a world of difference.

Mistake Number 2: Continuing With Your Usual Skincare Routine

Since your skin is begging for extra moisture this time of year, your normal skincare routine just isn't going to cut it! Adding a moisture-rich face wash, like this Luminous Cleanser Balm, will help keep your face clean and clear, and will also replenish moisture to your skin. By the way, as someone with combination skin I always used to confuse moisture with oil. This face wash won't add oil to your skin, if you're worried about that like me. It's just gentle and doesn't strip your skin like other cleansers. Every evening before bed, I also add this Hydralift Moisturizer. It feels super light going on, but true to its name, this cream packs a much-needed moisture punch. This cream is powered with hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture from the air and seals it into the skin. It doesn't get better than that!

Mistake Number 3: Taking Hot Showers and Baths

Oh man, this one is so hard for me! I love soaking in a hot bath with a nice glass of wine after a long day. How do you know it's too hot? If you start to sweat at all, it's too warm. Another trick is to use a body oil like coconut oil on your skin before stepping into the warm water. This helps to create a protective barrier for your skin.

Mistake Number 4: Forgetting To Drink Water

This is the skincare mistake that I'm most guilty of! In the summer months when it's hot, it's a lot easier for me to remember that I need to hydrate myself. But in the winter I'm way more likely to forget. If you're dehydrated, your skin will pay a high price. If you're noticing that your lips are chapped, for example, that's a key sign that you need to up your water game. I like to sip on hot cups of herbal tea while I work, and also keep a water bottle with me in the car. If your lips are already chapped, try this Smooth Beauty Balm to remedy the situation fast. I keep this on my bedside table and rub a little in at night, waking up to happy lips every morning! Also if you or anyone in your family gets dry skin around their nose from those pesky winter sniffles, I've heard this balm works wonders! 

Mistake Number Five: Neglecting Your Body Cream

I actually don't use any body creams or lotions most of the year, unless I notice that my skin is feeling a little dry or right after I shave my legs. But in the winter months, added moisture to all of my skin is a major must. I can actually tell when it's time to make the switch, because my hands will start to get dry and flaky. No good! I love this Lavish Body Cream because a little goes a long way, and I know it will last me the whole season. Also it smells like a lemon cupcake. I'm all for any added bonuses!

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Kirsten Bell

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