3 Perfect Lipstick Shades For Winter

As much as I love fall, I'm feeling pretty ready for winter! This weekend I pulled out my puffy coats, snow boots and winter make up!

I think it's really fun to switch up my make up every season, and the biggest change I make is to my lipstick. I tend to rotate between a few different lipsticks every season, opting for lighter colors in the summer and deeper, richer shades in the winter. I'm pretty picky with my lipsticks - I always choose ones that go on smoothly and also wear off nicely (since sometimes I forget to reapply haha!). Keep reading to see my top three colors for the season!

Beauty Products:

Lipstick #1: Lancome in Jezebel (191)

This is the pictured lip color. It's much darker than any shades I've worn before, and I'm totally obsessed! I love how it makes the whole look pop, and it looks good with pretty much anything I'm wearing!

Lipstick #2 Fresh in Spice

I love this choice for a more neutral, rosy everyday tint. I keep this in my purse at all times, and it's my go-to lip treatment (I use the petal color during the summer). I love that it's buildable, so I can do one quick swipe if I want a little hydration and color, and can also add a few more layers for a stronger color.

Lipstick #3 Guerlain in No. 214

I've talked before about my love for Guerlain lipsticks here, and they are still a favorite! Guerlain lipsticks are actually what convinced me to start wearing lip color in the first place! They go on so evenly, and the color is really long-lasting. I really like that you can customize the case, so it's super easy to tell which color I'm reaching for. This is a classic red that can honestly be worn year-round, but I'm really looking forward to applying it for Christmas parties!

I hope this helps you find the perfect winter shades to get you through this season with an extra touch of festive glamour!

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Kirsten Bell

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