Christmas Cardamom Mimosas

I love many things about Christmas - the lights, the baked goods, the presents (duh!), but one of my very favorite things is my family's traditional Christmas morning brunch! This year I'm serving up some Christmas mimosas to accompany our morning festivities!

These are very similar to a traditional mimosa, but have one extra ingredient. Cardamom bitters! Cardamom pairs so deliciously with orange, and is perfect with the sweetness from the champagne. I love that these are so easy too - no need to break out any fancy cocktail shaking equipment for this Christmas cocktail!


1/3 cup chilled champagne
1/3 cup orange juice
2-3 shakes cardamom bitters


Combine all the ingredients in a champagne flute, stir gently and serve! Easy enough, right?

Kirsten Bell

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