Special Party Invitations From Basic Invite

If you've known me for a while, you know that I'm a total paper nerd. When I got engaged, the first thing I was excited to plan was my invitations! I'm all about the quality of paper, customization options, and don't get me started on accessories like envelope liners!

Maybe it's because of my love of good paper, or my love of a good party, but I love real paper invitations. They help set the mood of the event, get guests excited for the party, and with a physical invitation guests are more likely to remember important details.

I'm always looking for new stationary companies, and recently came across Basic Invite. I honestly can't believe I hadn't discovered them before! With a champagne tasting party around the corner, and hopefully many baby showers to plan for friends in the near future, I decided to order some invitations to check them out. After gushing about them to my friend the other day at coffee, I decided to write up a quick blog post on the experience! If you're planning a birthday, baby shower, wedding - really any type of special event, you definitely should check them out! Especially because on their site right now, they're offering 15% off with code 15FF51.

A few things stood out to me about Basic Invite:

1) I almost always have a specific color palette to my event, and I loved that I was able to completely customize the colors of the invitation! Usually when you order invitations you get a few limited choices, but with Basic Invite they literally gave me a color wheel. How amazing is that? You can even choose from over 40 colors of coordinating envelopes. For a self-proclaimed paper nerd like myself, this is pretty exciting! They also have coordinating thank you notes for a lot of their invitations, and I am ALL about that!

2) When I decided on the invitation, I was able to order an actual printed sample. That's important, because all computer monitors are different and one computer's teal could be another computer's bright green. If you're planning a Breakfast at Tiffany's party, that's a pretty important distinction. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I admit! So having the option to double check everything from color to wording and spacing is amazing.

3) Ok this might be the coolest part - Basic Invite provides an address capturing system. If you're planning to send out Christmas cards, for example, you can post a link to your Facebook, Twitter - whatever platform you like, and your friends can enter their addresses there. That would have been so handy when I was planning our wedding and my friend's recent baby shower - I swear it took me weeks to track down addresses!

They offer all sorts of invitations from the champagne party ones I chose, to wedding invites, to baby shower invitations. Having just planned a baby shower for a friend, and hoping to plan many more in the near future, I got totally lost in this section!

They have so many adorable options, even a special section for baby shower invites for twins! Or these sea themed baby shower invitations! Now I'm dying to host an under the sea themed party. Wouldn't that also be a cute theme for Charlotte's second birthday party?? I'm already planning the cake in my mind haha! Since they're so customizable, I might just do that! Ok and last one: look at these butterfly baby shower invitations. Totally in love!

I seriously can't wait to order invitations from Basic Invite again!
Kirsten Bell

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