Blackberry Moscow Mules

It feels like spring is just around the corner here. Almost all of our snow is melted, and I'm SO ready for those warm temps (I'm not asking for much, maybe like 65? 70?), fresh flowers, the smell of cut grass...ahh!! I'm ready!

One thing that Jordan and I love to do in the warmer weather is make ourselves a special cocktail, and go sit out on our back patio after Charlotte goes to sleep. We have a pond back there, and in the summer it's full of frogs and sounds like a sound machine. It's such a nice and relaxing way to end the day!

That moment is what I had in mind when I was putting together this blackberry moscow mule recipe! The fresh blackberries are a delicious way to add natural, fruity taste and jazz up the recipe a bit! Plus with no extra equipment or specialty ingredients needed, it's an easy twist on the classic cocktail too.

Whenever I'm mixing cocktails, I always use the best ingredients that I can, because it honestly makes such a huge difference. For moscow mules, I care most about a top quality ginger beer. We've always found Fever-Tree to have really good, fresh ginger flavor which is so important in a moscow mule! This post is not in any way sponsored by Fever-Tree, it's just what we always use! Also I definitely recommend using fresh lime juice - there's just nothing that can compare! 


1/4 cup fresh blackberries
1 mint leaf
1 oz vodka
1 oz fresh lime juice
6 oz ginger beer


Place copper mug in the fridge to cool. Muddle together the blackberries and mint in a large glass. Add the vodka, lime juice and ginger beer, and stir to combine.

Fill your chilled copper mug with ice, and strain the blackberry mixture into the mug. Garnish with extra blackberries and mint, and enjoy!

Kirsten Bell

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