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Book Worm Baby Shower

One of my best friends Joleen is expecting her first baby this fall, and I couldn't be more excited for her! She is going to be such an amazing mother, and I can't wait to meet her little baby girl!

My friend Ellie and I threw a co-ed baby shower for Joleen and her husband Aaron this past weekend. We threw around a few different ideas, and in the end decided on a book theme, since Joleen is really into literature.

Charlotte's Swan Soirée

Today my sweet baby Charlotte is a year old. Maybe if I re-read that line about 100 more times it will actually sink in. This has been such a challenging, sleep-deprived year - and also the most special, love-filled year of my life so far. Charlotte is such an amazing blessing, and it's hard to remember life before she was here, even though it was only a year ago!

We held Charlotte's birthday party this past Saturday, and it turned out so great! I love any excuse to gather our family and friends together. It was so touching to see people take time away from their busy schedules to celebrate our little girl.

A Casual Easter Brunch at Home

easter brunch table

Easter is on the early side this year (April 1), and it's totally throwing me off. I feel like it was just Valentine's Day!

I love setting a nice table, whether it's for a special holiday or to celebrate the rare occasion that I make my family dinner without the crock pot (anyone else? anyone??). We're heading to my parents' for Easter dinner, so this year I decided to do a casual Easter brunch at our house.