How To Host An Easy Autumn Picnic

Autumn picnics are my absolute favorite. The temperatures are cooler, the colors are vibrant, and of course I'm all for cozy blankets and warm drinks!

Picnics are a fun way to make dinner a little more festive and exciting, and today I'm sharing my quick tips on how to make this autumn tradition an easy success.

1. Pull out the Cozy Blankets

Cooler temps mean some of my favorite things: pumpkin spice lattes, blanket scarves, and cuddling up under warm wool blankets! For our picnic, I used one of our plaid blankets as a makeshift tablecloth. I also have my eye set on this perfect picnic blanket from Pendleton - it's nylon backed to keep picnics dry! Genius!

2. Serve Warm Cider

There is really nothing better than sitting under fall foliage, sipping some hot mulled cider. I kept ours warm in vintage insulated bottles, and served it in moscow mule mugs. These containers would also be perfect for bringing along warm soup!

3. Keep the Menu Simple, Silly!

Don't over-complicate the menu! Some people shy away from picnics, because they get caught in the logistics of serving an unnecessarily fancy meal. My favorite picnic menu is baguettes, Boursin cheese, lunch meats and cheeses for simple sandwiches everyone can make themselves. Add a veggie and/or fruit platter from the store, and you're good to go!

4. A Walk in the Leaves

Remember to savor and enjoy the experience. We loved taking some extra time to play with Charlotte in the fallen leaves, enjoying the autumn colors and soaking in the season.

Kirsten Bell

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