Charlotte's Swan Soirée

Today my sweet baby Charlotte is a year old. Maybe if I re-read that line about 100 more times it will actually sink in. This has been such a challenging, sleep-deprived year - and also the most special, love-filled year of my life so far. Charlotte is such an amazing blessing, and it's hard to remember life before she was here, even though it was only a year ago!

We held Charlotte's birthday party this past Saturday, and it turned out so great! I love any excuse to gather our family and friends together. It was so touching to see people take time away from their busy schedules to celebrate our little girl.

I had the hardest time picking the theme for Charlotte's first birthday party, because there are so many sweet options out there. Damn you, Pinterest! I finally settled on the swan theme because it's so cute and feminine. By next year who knows! Maybe she'll be telling me that she hates pink and wants a pig in the mud theme party (which actually sounds kind of fun). So I thought I better sneak in one pink party now, just in case!

The party planning began with this sweet pink swan princess invitation from Minted. I hadn't ever ordered anything through Minted before, and I was a little nervous because I'm a bit of a paper snob. I was really pleased though, and would definitely order through them again.

When guests arrived to the party, they were greeted by this swan planter that I filled with pink and purple flowers, and of course balloons!

My friend Ellie made delicious strawberry cupcakes, and we topped them with these adorable swan cupcake picks that I am so obsessed with! I also found some little swan candy bowls which I filled with pink kisses.

Ellie also made Charlotte's smash cake. I love how pretty and whimsical it was, and topped with flowers it was even better than what I had imagined!

As you can see, Charlotte also approved! That's what I call smash cake success - the girl went for it haha!

Can we also just take a minute to admire these swan cookies? I love that they matched the color scheme perfectly, and the swans were set upon a heart cookie which made them even more perfect.

I was so thankful to have so much help from family and friends putting Charlotte's party together. She is one lucky girl to be so surrounded by love!

Happy first birthday my darling, sweet girl!

Kirsten Bell

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  1. Thank you for sharing Charlotte's beautiful birthday!