My Favorite Things: Rose Edition

This is the first post in my Favorite Things blog series, and I'm so excited to expand the blog and start introducing some new content! As a thank you to those of you who are following along on this journey with me, I'm giving away one featured product every month to a lucky subscriber. The winner is announced at the bottom of the post - make sure to check if it's you!

If you know me or have been following the blog for a while, you know that I love all things roses! They're such a beautiful flower, and their scent is so light and fresh. Every once in a while I come across a rose scented product that smells old and stuffy, which is such a shame! I much prefer my products to smell like the actual flower from a garden. If you have this same preference then you will love every product on this list!

Rose Sugar Scrub

I love how this sugar scrub makes my skin feel. After just using it once my skin felt so soft, exfoliated and refreshed. After a few uses I started to feel a really noticeable difference! It's especially great to use before I shave my legs. I also really love how it smells. The scrub of course smells like roses, but it also has a warm vanilla scent to it, which I didn't expect and really enjoy! After using this sugar scrub I could still smell just a hint of it on my skin, which was perfect. It's not too much to interfere with any perfume I might be wearing, but I still like that there's a little scent left.

 Rose Candle

 I have a really hard time finding rose scented candles that I like, because a lot of them are way too strong for me! This candle smells like fresh roses and clean laundry. It's such a clean and light scent, and even my husband likes it! I'm also really particular about my candles - they have to be made from good wax and have cotton wicks for me to feel comfortable burning them in my home, and I love that Rude Candle Company makes safe candles. This candle is a collaboration between Rude Candle Company and Kay & Edna, and it was literally just released! So excuse me while I go buy 10 of them.

Rose Himalayan Salt Mineral Bath Soak

rose bath soak

I love a hot, relaxing bath. If I've had a long or stressful day it's my favorite way to unwind. We love bath salts in our family, because they're an amazing way to de-stress, and also a great way to soak up some extra minerals! I've been trying a few different scented salts, and this one is by far my favorite! It's moderately scented, so while it smells nice in the water, the entire house doesn't smell like my bath when I'm done. My husband is especially thankful for that haha! I also love that there are dried rose petals in the salts, which re-hydrate when they're added to the water and add to the bath time ambiance!

Congratulations to Michelle Crowell who has won the rose sugar scrub AND your choice of the candle or bath soak! Please email me at to claim your prize.

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Kirsten Bell

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