From Sea Air to Roses: St. Andrews, Scotland

After a day exploring Edinburgh, we headed off to the coast and seaside town St. Andrews. We had the most amazing weather - all the locals were telling us that it was the best weather they've seen in years! Score! (Or golf clap, since it is St. Andrews after all haha!)

I loved walking along the promenade, enjoying the ocean views, sea air and sun! I also had fun picking out my favorite townhouses and explaining to Jordan why we "need" a Scottish vacation home!

And of course, no trip to St. Andrews is complete without a stop at Jannettas Gelateria for gelato! Charlotte and I shared some delicious raspberry and rhubarb gelato, and she couldn't get enough!

We finished the day by visiting Kellie Castle. You enter the gardens through a little hidden gate, and I swear I felt like I was in a scene from The Secret Garden! They have the most beautiful formal gardens. The roses were in full bloom, and the air was perfumed with their scent. Pure heaven.

After taking a stroll through the garden, we made our way over to the big grassy area they have in front of the castle. It was a perfect place to let Charlotte run around and get some energy out.

She was loving picking buttercups, finding feathers and showing us her treasures! I attempted to make her a little daisy chain crown, which turned out to be slightly more difficult than I imagined haha! Hence "attempted".

It was such a nice way to end the day!

From St. Andrews we headed up to Inverness where we tempted fate with standing stones, cruised lochs, and may have even found a legendary monster.
Kirsten Bell

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