The Perfect Fall Transition Jacket

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Summer is only just beginning to come to an end, and I'm already so excited for Fall! The leaves changing, football games, hot drinks (I'm looking at you pumpkin spice latte!).

Sometimes dressing for season transitions can be tricky, since the weather can be a bit of a crap shoot and it's easy to judge wrong and end up freezing or boiling!

That's why I was so excited to see this jacket the other day at Old Navy. It's the perfect lightweight jacket for this time of year, and of course I love that it's pink! It also comes in tons of other colors for anyone who's not as into pink as me haha!

I have a good friend who calls this type of jacket an "adventure jacket", because it's the kind of coat you grab when you don't know what awaits you that day. I really love that, and I've totally adopted the phrase!

Where we live our days are still pretty warm, but we've had some cooler and rainy days lately, so this jacket has already really come in handy.

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Kirsten Bell

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  1. This jacket looks so great for fall and the color options are amazing!! Thanks for sharing!